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We understand the complexities of heritage and building law.  We have a solid reputation for our expertise with graded sensitive buildings and heritage legislation, and occupy a  unique position, consulting not only to our own clients, but  also as an expert to the industry.

  • Specialist consulting and advice
  • Heritage guidelines
  • Legal report writing

Interventions require a sound knowledge of a site's built fabric and history. Our fundamental approach is to tread lightly and show respect to the existing fabric. It is essential that old should not be made to look new, and that new interventions should be clearly seen as a recent layer. Sustainability is ensured through economising on intervention rather than demolishing and rebuilding all new. Through salvaging and recycling of materials we can preserve their heritage value and tell another story - a story relevant to the new purpose - whilst retaining the building's memory. Evidence of past uses and interventions can be revealed as “textual” layers. And it is through this intertextual approach that a unique, historic and relevent “new” building emerges.

Please contact Mike or Laura to discuss your heritage project needs.